Got something good? Give it away.


In the past, the phenomenon of free downloads have attracted some bad press. The reality is quite the opposite. The internet was virtually built on the concept of free stuff and it’s really as much a part of the internet culture as email and cat memes. The internet didn’t invent the phenomenon that people like to get things for free. It’s human nature. The real question is whether you are going to work against human nature, or are you going to tap into that desire for free goodies for your marketing purposes.

Some of the most popular web sites there are have become that way because they give stuff away for free. One example is YouTube. While visitors to YouTube generally do not download the videos, they can see them for free as often as they wish and at no cost. The end result is a website that has enjoyed explosive traffic and made the YouTube creators very wealthy as a result. Continue reading

Email Marketing to Build Relationships

If you own a business and you aren’t using email marketing to build your business, you’re missing a valuable opportunity. Email Marketing is not about just selling, it is about building a strong relationship with your customers. People don’t like doing business with faceless corporations, they need to know you are and if you can be trusted, and most importantly that you care about them and their business.


Here is a quick guide on what to do and when to do it.

  1. Determine what day of the week to send your messages. Here expert options vary. Many suggest targeting individual customers over the weekend but business-to-business prospects on a Friday.  Others say the best day to issue business to business email marketing is Monday or Tuesday. Truthfully, there is no rule. You can work out which day you think is best based upon you own research. Test for several days to determine which one gets the best response.
  2. There are two times of day that are historically best for sending a marketing email, mid-morning and right after lunch. At these times, people tend to be more open to what lands in their inbox.
  3. After you’ve determined when and what time you’ll be sending your email, you should get ready to monitor responses. Your recording efforts should cover everything from replies to unsubscribes. Monitoring your responses from the beginning can assist you to eliminate and even avoid certain link and spam problems.
  4. Now it’s time to deliver that email and the final step should be creating and email that is attractive, avoiding at all costs the ‘hard sell” so that customers will take time to read and find easy to navigate. An effective interface will enable you to track the results of your email campaign and move ahead as a result of that tracking. Offer your customers something of value in the email, but do not sell. When you customers realise that you aren’t just interested in relieving them of their money, they will trust you more and will not only buy from you but become repeat customers.

Here is a summarized “tip list” derived from various email marketing experts.

Offer something of value to your customers!

In exchange for their contact info, offer your customers something in return. (i.e. a free newsletter, or seminar, informative e-book or more information)

Be economical about the info you gather!

When gathering customer contact information, only ask for the information you need.

Make it easy for them to unsubscribe!

Make absolutely certain you provide a way for customers to unsubscribe from your e-mail marketing solutions campaign.

I hope that these techniques can assist you to build a long mutually beneficial relationship with your customers. Good luck!