Got something good? Give it away.


In the past, the phenomenon of free downloads have attracted some bad press. The reality is quite the opposite. The internet was virtually built on the concept of free stuff and it’s really as much a part of the internet culture as email and cat memes. The internet didn’t invent the phenomenon that people like to get things for free. It’s human nature. The real question is whether you are going to work against human nature, or are you going to tap into that desire for free goodies for your marketing purposes.

Some of the most popular web sites there are have become that way because they give stuff away for free. One example is YouTube. While visitors to YouTube generally do not download the videos, they can see them for free as often as they wish and at no cost. The end result is a website that has enjoyed explosive traffic and made the YouTube creators very wealthy as a result. Continue reading

Facebook Marketing is HUGE Right Now


In November 2006, Facebook Pages were released as an advertising platform. Before its launch, marketing a website online meant that the business owner purchased ads to advertise their products and services. Facebook now has one billion users, 58% of which return to it more than once a day. This has given business owners an awesome opportunity to market their services or products online.

The beauty of Facebook is that it is designed to encourage brand loyalty. Potential or existing customers and interested parties visit and share freely, encouraging other people to do the same. Basically, Facebook encourages word of mouth advertising. Continue reading

Supersize your Social Media

Whether you are a seasoned marketer or a newbie yet to send their first tweet, record their first YouTube video or write your first blog post, social media has a place in your marketing strategy.


Here is a list of steps you can follow to expand your influence, relationships and results.


The first thing you can do on social media is to listen to what your target market is saying and doing on popular social media sites. Find out what people are talking about — their issues, what they like and what they don’t like. Search your target market’s Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts, and learn Twitter hashtags for your main clients to find the more messages people are sharing.


Begin to share good content you’ve found with your target audience. Only share content you think they will value, such as content that will help them with their jobs, and content which will entertain and connect. Most importantly, share content that aligns with your viewpoint, and add your opinion to messages as you send them. You will need to create accounts in Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Sharing content means you’ll be able to take part in great conversations going on throughout social media, and begin to develop relationships with people online. Continue reading

Get Hip to Emarketing

If your ultimate goal to increase your online business within the next year, then its imperative that you concentrate on business marketing trends. To do that, simply tune in to your customers. The first thing it is important for you to know is who your potential clients is and ways to reach them.


In an effort to predict what the ebusiness market has in store down the road, check out the teenagers of today. Here are a couple of things you will see: ipods jam-packed with music, mobile phones  used for text messages more often than calls and wireless laptops that can connect to the web anywhere.

Without a doubt, the things you specifically are searching for are web marketing trends. Check out what today’s youth are doing on their computers. They are probably reading or writing blogs, watching and sending viral videos, checking out social networking sites, and even creating their own web pages.

Everything that these kids are doing is sending a message to business owners; it is just up to you to listen. These kids are creating their own web experiences. They’re creating networks between people all over the world. In doing so, they are eliminating all that is irreverent to them and hanging onto only the things they consider to be significant.

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