What I Do

Social Media

Can your business afford to overlook the benefits social media offers? Probably not. Your customers are connecting right now! I help you set up your social media marketing presence, integrating it into your web space and assist you to manage it, or manage it for you.

Content Marketing

Websites that belong to businesses that blog have 400% more engagement and rank much higher on seo than ones who don’t. All you need is two relevant articles a week to see your stats climb. Articles are a wonderful opportunity to offer your website visitors ongoing value and establish yourself as an expert, keeping those visitors coming back. I can help you get started or manage your articles for you.

Email Marketing

If you aren’t collecting names and email addresses from your customers and regularly sending them updates, you are missing a valuable relationship building opportunity. Regular emails build trust with your clients and are another great tool for engagement. Let me help you get started.

Responsive Web Design

My website service will get you online and get those customers clicking. A website can be a simple as an online brochure to as comprehensive as an online business. If you don’t already have an online voice, what are you waiting for? Business is moving further into the digital world every day. I can design you a website to suit your business needs, big or small.

Flyers and Brochures

Promote your business with a traditional printed flyer, or branch out with an electronic one. There are more options available for flyers and brochures than ever before. 

Business reports that make you impressive

Give your business reports the edge with a professional design. You write it, provide images and diagrams and we will make you look good.  I provide great online and print options.

Catalogue it

Catalogues aren’t dead, especially one that’s beautifully designed and user friendly. Print or online, give your products the presentation they deserve and watch the sales roll in.

Corporate Stationery

The right stationery design makes you more impressive.

A nice business image comes down to consistency and a clear corporate image. I tailor your stationery to your unique business image because I want to make you look good. From designing a standard template that can be used again and again, to something amazing, I can do it.

Newspaper and Magazine

Its all about the numbers. Ads for newspaper and magazines outperform everything. The more people your ads are exposed to is a primary factor in the  number of responses. Newspapers ads perform especially as no other medium has the reach. Get out there.

Direct Marketing

If you need to get straight to the point, direct marketing may be for you.

Communicate directly with your customers with promotional letters, flyers and catalogues. This can be particularly effective for small to medium sized businesses because the message doesn’t get lost in over complicated branding. A good direct marketing campaign offers a specific product, service or offer and explains to the customer exactly how to get that product or service.

Indesign, Photoshop or Illustrator Coaching

Just done a short course, and now nothing is working? Let me coach you one on one and get you on the right track.

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