Facebook Mastery

Facebook Business Formula

Fact is, if you’re not getting your business on to social media, you’re being left behind. Read on.


Facebook Business Formula

Satori Prime are well known Facebook Experts. I’m proud to offer their Facebook Business Products, which will help you supersize your Facebook Presence. I have personally done their training and watched my social media presence soar.

You will learn

  • How to avoid the top 3 mistakes 87% of all small business owners are making on Facebook each day when trying to grow their business and personal incomes.
  • 5 Most Powerful ‘MUST HAVES’ for Increasing your income and promoting yourself, your brand and your business successfully in today’s NEW economy.
  • You will discover the 3-STEP FORMULA which is the key to generating long-lasting and lucrative relationships with your customers.
  • We will Demystify Facebook Marketing and Reveal how to build a unshakeable foundation for success with any business niche, literally handing your our SECRET BLUEPRINT on a silver platter.
  • Discover how companies like Apple® generates Fanatic consumers who buy their products time-and-time again and how YOU CAN LEVERAGE this same power for your business today!

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Facebook Wheel Formula

Video Reveals an Ultra Powerful Facebook Strategy that Creates 1326% Return on Investment in 24 Hours…

…Works for Affiliate Offers, Products, Services, and Business Opportunities.

You will learn

  • How to get nearly any ad approved on Facebook’s marketing system including ads that were previously impossible to get approved by Facebook’s account managers.  We’ve increased our ad approval to 97% using this trick alone
  • Discover how to create high converting landing pages that suck in consumers at an alarming rate of 61%.
  • Timeline changes got you down?  Never mind your sulking, learn the NEW way of getting more eye-balls on your highest converting offers.
  • Learn the biggest piece of WASTED REAL ESTATE on Facebook and the #1 Mistake even Gurus make when creating their Fan Pages.  This Ninja trick can create a waterfall of organic sales each-and-every day without spending 1 Penny on Facebook advertising.
  • You’ll discover the CTR ranges and percentages your Ads MUST BE AT for them to be effective.  Learn when to turn it up and when to shut it down.  Saving you thousands in ad spend. This could only be learned through years of Facebook Marketing experience.

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Facebook Niche Profits

FREE Masters Degree in Facebook Marketing

Powerful 4-Step Sales Formula YOU Can “Steal” to Create an Automated Income of $274+ Per Day


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